The Last Dinosaur

One of the things I like to photograph on beaches are those trunks that swelling of the rivers caused by the rain drag to the sea and then to the land again. After suffering thousands of spins and crashes are completely stripped of any covering, well it is the equivalent of our skeleton. Sometimes luck makes left stranded in positions whose shape resembles different animals, besides today I had the luck arriving at the right time of tide to capture some beautiful water flows. The sky was not very beautiful but I can not ask for more, tomorrow the most likely thing is that this trunk is not on the beach.npn-41


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Recent Rains

In the west of Asturias coast there are many waterfalls that flow directly into the sea specially when the rains are abundant. For several weeks it’s raining almost all day, so the rivers and streams carry plenty of water and waterfalls are at their best. Lately the skies are incredibly handsome with thick and dark clouds that give a remarkable volume. I like these colorless clouds because they give stronger compositions and certainly are ideal for filling spaces. The stream that comes to this beach is really moody, your bed on the beach is different on each visit.npn-16

To take pictures of this waterfall in the best conditions you must do it with half tide, then it’s possible to capture the movement of the waves in the foreground. Risking a little is possible to reach a rock from which you have a point of view a bit high and then get much detail of the water movement.npn-15

In this area of the beach the rock color of the cliff is very beautiful, black with white spots creating a very striking color contrastnpn-10


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Marine Waterfall

In recent days has been raining all day here so we have the small streams full of water. Like this originating a beautiful waterfall with a height of 70 meters (229 ft) or so. Really you can see two more in this beach making it one of the most impressive sites I know in the Asturian coast. This day I arrived at night because I wanted to catch the first light when the clouds still have that blue hue so beautiful. The biggest problem for this image is the tide level, well ….. as always for this coast. You must have a good tide to separate from the cliff and be prepared to wet a bit, then the backpack should be left in “land”. Today was another added problem, the very strong north wind, looking the waterfall you will see that is “crushed” against the cliff. A sunrise to remember a long time.



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The Seagulls Rock

This place is really beautiful especially whith rough sea, then is a sight to see the impact of the waves against the cliff. Throughout this area there are many photographic possibilities but has more potential at dawn.  blog-3

However one of the images I had in my mind was with the Moon at the left of this rock and backlit, but the photo must be taken with some of ambient light to get detail and texture. Which means you have to choose a day when the Moon comes out about 30-40 min after the sunset, from this point that circumstance only occurs in the full Moon of November and December. So no more than six days a year to try. This day was the last opportunity of 2012 and I was lucky to have a few wispy clouds that gave the Moon a beautiful color. The clouds erased all surface detail but I think that the color contrast is very beautiful. blog-4

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The Star of “El Silencio” Beach

This view of this beautiful beach I have photographed many times, using it as a setting in planetary conjunctions for over twenty years. Its westward view makes it ideal for this. However have an important compositional problem because if you do not have an ultra wide angle is not possible captured the whole star form. In previous images the shortest focal I used was 24 mm. Until I bought a 14 mm, in all my compositions from this point the star is cut and also the beauty of your form. According to the Murphy’s Law, when you have the tool you have not the conditions. In the last year it has not happened any interesting planetary conjunction, or tidal conditions were appropriate. This is very important because if the sea is flat not make the star on the

This afternoon there were clouds in the sky however in the night the sky turned clear with a great atmospheric transparency. The Moon phase light on this day was 72%, a little high, but it is so difficult to combine all variables!!!.blog-2

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